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Bread fresh from the traditional toné clay oven

Bread fresh from the traditional toné clay oven


A lot of exciting things are happening in Georgia today as the country celebrates 26 years of independence. Many more foreign visitors are coming to Georgia in search of the best wines, restaurants and experiences. My book, TASTING GEORGIA, was written to help those travellers learn about Georgia’s rich food and wine culture, and find the best places to go (and the most delicious dishes to cook at home).

This site is designed as an extension of TASTING GEORGIA. It enables me to continue writing about Georgia – everything from new places I’ve visited to subjects I couldn’t cover in the book. I hope it will also become a hub for those wanting to plan trips to visit rural winemakers and restaurants about which, all too often, little concrete information is currently available. (Most Georgian family businesses are on facebook; few have sites of their own, fewer still are in English.)

My directory of wineries and restaurants, when it’s finished, will provide as much information as possible about how to contact these businesses, and what they offer. All in one easy-to-access location with links to their online presences.


About Me

To write my latest book, I travelled all over Georgia – the magnificent country situated in the Caucasus Mountains – talking to food and wine producers and gathering recipes. If my starting point was the ancient Georgian tradition of making wines in large clay qvevri, I soon became fascinated too with Georgian food, music and culture.

I’ve written 14 other books – including many about Italian food and wine – and I’m also a photographer. My books and pictures have won numerous awards, including the André Simon Memorial Best Wine Book Award for Collio: Fine wines and foods from Italy’s North-east. For more information about me and my work, go to: www.carlacapalbo.com.