The Atlantic – The 9 Best Cookbooks of 2017

My book is one of The Atlantic's best cookbooks of 2017...


"Tasting Georgia: A Food and Wine Journey in the Caucasus is something else again—a labor of love by a deeply engaged food writer and historian who has lived in and traveled every part of the region she writes about. Carla Capalbo, who I’ve long known as an opinionated and expert Italophile (her websitelists at least seven books about the food and wine of Italy), has gone to what seems like every corner of Georgia..."

Carla Capalbo
New Old World:

Tamlyn Currin has a review of my book...


"Carla Capalbo visited Georgia for the first time in 2013. By the time she left, she'd already decided to write a book. This is Capalbo's thirteenth book, following on from one on the food and wine of Collio, which won the André Simon Award for Best Wine Book in 2009. She's a photographer; a food, wine and travel writer who studied art; and has lived all over the world..." 

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Carla Capalbo
Head Butler – “The Best” of 2017

My book is one of Jesse Kornbluth's best books of 2017 (this is a later review from Kornbluth who posted a longer one a few months ago)...


"The wine world’s cool kids are buzzing about Georgia….the Georgia that is bordered on the North by Russia, to the South by Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. If you’re interested in a culture that, 8,000 years ago, gave birth to wine-making and still makes some wine by the ancient method…"

Carla Capalbo
Booklist Online – Tasting Georgia

Booklist Online has a review of my book...


"This food- and history-centric travelogue will make readers yearn to visit the independent democracy of Georgia. Capalbo, an American journalist, knows her subject intimately. In addition to the brilliant photographs and 65-plus recipes, Capalbo introduces the warm hospitality and amazing wine regions of..."

Carla Capalbo
Saveur – The definitive cookbook on Europe's great unsung cuisine has arrived

I was interviewed by Benjamin Kemper...


"When a place gets under Carla Capalbo’s skin, she goes deep. First it was Tuscany, where she gleaned 400 pages’ worth of wisdom from winemakers, bakers, and beekeepers. Then Campania beckoned, with its olive groves and seaside shacks, so she rented an apartment and stuck around for three years, enough time to write the region’s most complete compendium on food and wine...."

Carla Capalbo
The Splendid Table – Tasting Georgia: your invitation to a unique feast table

I was interviewed by The Splendid Table...


"Writer/photographer Carla Capalbo traveled extensively throughout the nation of Georgia gathering stories and recipes for her gorgeous new book, Tasting Georgia. One of the her most interesting discoveries is that of the large group feasts -- or supra -- that Georgians enjoy. Capalbo explained to Francis Lam some of dishes you're likely to find on a Georgian feast table, and the traditions in which you can expect to be involved..."

Carla Capalbo
The Splendid Table – Adjarian Khachapuri

By Carla Capalbo.


"A highlight at the Adjarian Wine House is this open-faced cheese bread, with its bright yellow egg yolk at the centre, the most iconic dish from the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. Adjarian (or Adjaran) khachapuri is a favourite throughout Georgia, and involves participation from the diners who stir the egg into the hot cheese to finish its cooking. The edges of this khachapuri are quite thick. The diner breaks off a chunk by hand and dips it into the eggy cheese..."

Carla Capalbo
Financial Times – The best . . . summer food books

Financial Times has a review of my book...

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The best . . . summer food book
"Expand culinary horizons with recipes from Georgia and West Africa, and ‘side’ cooking with a twist"

Source: Natalie Whittle 2017 "The best . . . summer food books" Financial Times / 26 May. Used under licence from the Financial Times. © The Financial Times Limited 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Carla Capalbo
The Drinks Business – Tasting Georgia

Lucy Shaw has a review of my book...


"You know you’ve made it in life when the effusive cover quote on your book is by one of the world’s greatest chefs. In Carla Capalbo’s case, it’s René Redzepi of Noma, who describes her weighty tome on Georgian food and wine as 'a book that shows the world perhaps one of the last undiscovered great food cultures of Europe'..."

Carla Capalbo
Olive Magazine – Food Mileage

Rhiannon Batten has written a review of my book...


"Have you discovered Georgia yet? Not only is the latest hot food 'hood known for its cheese breads and dumplings, but it also has an ancient winemaking tradition..."

Carla Capalbo