Booklist Online – Tasting Georgia

Booklist Online has a review of my book...

2017 Booklist Online

"This food- and history-centric travelogue will make readers yearn to visit the independent democracy of Georgia. Capalbo, an American journalist, knows her subject intimately. In addition to the brilliant photographs and 65-plus recipes, Capalbo introduces the warm hospitality and amazing wine regions of..."

Carla Capalbo
Financial Times – The best . . . summer food books

Financial Times has a review of my book...

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The best . . . summer food book
"Expand culinary horizons with recipes from Georgia and West Africa, and ‘side’ cooking with a twist"

Source: Natalie Whittle 2017 "The best . . . summer food books" Financial Times / 26 May. Used under licence from the Financial Times. © The Financial Times Limited 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Carla Capalbo
The Drinks Business – Tasting Georgia

Lucy Shaw has a review of my book...


"You know you’ve made it in life when the effusive cover quote on your book is by one of the world’s greatest chefs. In Carla Capalbo’s case, it’s René Redzepi of Noma, who describes her weighty tome on Georgian food and wine as 'a book that shows the world perhaps one of the last undiscovered great food cultures of Europe'..."

Carla Capalbo
Olive Magazine – Food Mileage

Rhiannon Batten has written a review of my book...


"Have you discovered Georgia yet? Not only is the latest hot food 'hood known for its cheese breads and dumplings, but it also has an ancient winemaking tradition..."

Carla Capalbo
The Scotsman – Travel: Georgia

By Carla Capalbo. Published on May 29, 2017.

2017 The Scotsman Tasting Georgia

It’s early summer and the trees lining central Tbilisi’s residential streets offer cooling shade from the high sun. Walking through the picturesque old town I’m always reminded of Alexandre Dumas’s colourful descriptions of the city as it was in the 1850s. I love imagining the hilly lanes near the Persian baths crowded with camels, and the costumed people from distant lands leading mules packed with silks and spices into the caravanserais...

Carla Capalbo